Thursday, June 17, 2010

Custom Albums Coming Back Soon!

I recently had to remove all of my Custom Name and Word Album listings from my Etsy shop. As you've seen from all of the recent posts showing them off...I've been making them left and right :) I wanted to get caught up on current orders before I added them back to my shop.
Good news...Look for them the week of July 5th!!! My goal is to have everything caught up before my parents get here on June 26th so I can enjoy my time with them :) Then it's back to work!!!
So if you've been waiting for them, keep your eyes on my shop starting July 5th :)


  1. Congrats for you!!!! I know you can make it!!! :D

  2. I greatly appreciate the fact that you decided to work on my custom album. And when ever my friend has her baby in August (and I know for sure they will not be changing her name like their last child) then I will be asking for an album for her and another for my Mom. You make great things so I anticipate you remaining crazy busy!

    And I love the colors in this album.

  3. Yay for word albums again! This morning I thought I had finally figured out the word I wanted for (one of) an album I want to order from you but now seeing this album, I'm back to square one! Love this one!


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