Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm so excited that it's the first day of summer!!! We've had some warm weather, but we've had SO much rain! I'm hoping that the change of the season brings a change in weather too!
We've been on the airboat twice, but had to wear sweatshirts both times. And we haven't had the canoe or ski boat out once yet! The river is too high now to put the airboat or canoe on, but I'm hoping that changes quickly!
My poor, pale skin is in need of some sun and water! And I'm hoping to get some fun summer pictures taken to fill a Flip Flop Scrapbook for myself :)


  1. I hope you get your warmer weather soon-- we've had so much of it here, I'd send you some if I could!

  2. You can have some of my HOT, DRY weather. I cannot stand going outside after 9 am. Temps in the 100s are never good. Especially when it is also humid.

    My Mom is super pale and no matter how long she bakes she just does not tan. I tell her it is the German in her.

  3. We've been waiting for some warmer weather here in Oregon too! I'll hoping to go hiking when the threat of cold rain is gone!

  4. It's nippy here in Oregon but finally blue sky today! Maybe that means better weather is on its way to you too!

  5. we've had the rain too...but with plenty of heat...well, more than enough for me anyway :P Hope your poor skin sees more rays soon :)


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