Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Eye of the Tiger

We recently adopted a cat from some friends of ours who were moving away. When we got him home, we noticed we have a tiger kitty theme going on. All 3 of our kitties are tiger-striped! And isn't it fitting that our new kitty's name is Tiger :)
I just love his green eyes!!!
Of course I have to show you Chevy...
And Momma Kitty too :)
Aren't they all just so cute :)


  1. so very cute!!! You're going to start thinking you are seeing things as they zip by in a row...almost deja-vu'ish with them looking so much alike :P

  2. Aw, I didn't know that you have kitties! They are adorable. :) I love tiger stripes. I hope that your new kitty is adapting well.

  3. Chevy is so big! Tiger looks very happy to be added to your tiger striped cat collection. All of them are just adorable!

  4. They look so much alike it is unreal! from the photos I would have a hard time telling them apart:)

  5. Oh what cute kitties! My daughter has a tiger striped female cat she calls Tigra (Spanish for tiger).


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