Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Features-Purple and Brown

Many times when I work on Custom Albums, I do several at once and sort of get an assembly line going. I will often cover them all in cardstock at the same time. This leaves a large assortment of papers on my table as I work on finishing the albums.
The other day I was cleaning up after a batch of albums and there were two pieces of paper from different albums sitting next to each other...deep purple and dark brown. They sat there just looking like they were meant to be together :) I think I've found my newest favorite color combo to work with!
Other Etsians must feel the same way! Just look at these great finds in Purple and Brown!


  1. That IS a great combination! (Now what will you create?!)

  2. nice color combo! especially with so many shades of both tho choose from :) - looking forward to what you make :)

  3. Oh I love this color combination! I'm having lots of creative thoughts running through my head so may have to go play with my purple and brown beads!

  4. ohhh, I love the jewelry! Whether they are bright colors or muted, they still seem to go!

  5. Purple and brown...they definitely work well together! Love the leather cuff, too.


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