Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft Show Displays

I did a lot of work this year to prepare for my fall shows. One thing I worked on was new displays. I've always felt my booth was rather cluttered because I sell so many different products. But I'm afraid people don't always see everything I have to offer when it's a jumbled mess.

 I was very happy with how my booth looked this year. Everything was organized and easily seen. Take a look.
 It was sure nice having a 3-sided booth too! I was able to spread out my products so everything had plenty of space.

I've had this necklace display for a while, but made some improvements. I had my dad add a piece of plywood to the back (previously just cardstock). Then he added some pushpins on the back as well. This allowed me to display the necklaces better and add more to the display.

This next display is new. I found it at Hobby Lobby and had my dad add chicken wire for the magnets to stick to. Before I just laid the magnets on my table where there was space. This is where the jumbled mess came in. They were hard to see, always stuck together and were never arranged nicely. This display really helped show everything I had available and brought them up to eye level.

This last display was such a time-saver. Well, not if you ask my mom. She got the job of cutting all the cotton and putting all the earrings in the display...lol. But the day of the show, it was a huge time-saver. We opened the box, propped it up...and DONE! Tear down was just as quick!
The first picture shown above is my old display. While it worked okay, it was SO time-consuming! I had to take all of the earrings out of individual baggies and hang them up. Then at the end of the day, I had to take each pair of earrings off the rack and put them back in their baggies! This new display rocks!

Have you been working on show prep? Any new displays or new items this year?


  1. Looks wonderful. Very clean and professional!

  2. I like your various display options, especially the one for magnets! And the box with earrings is so clever :) Happy you had your Mom there to help you!

  3. Everything looks great Edi! I can see why you had such a successful craft show!

  4. Everything looks so great Edi! I stopped vending several years ago but when I did shows and festivals for my clothing line it took years for me to finally get things organized in a way I liked. You did a great job!

  5. Really great looking display, and clever way of showing the earrings. Found you via etsy.

  6. Your displays look great; the wood pieces really pop against the dark background. I'm working on my displays for a show in Dec. This is my first big show, so I'm still figuring out how I want everything to look without spending a lot of money, which is tough. I'm debating whether to have my brooches out or packaged up...or maybe just have a few out so people can touch?

  7. Wow! Everything looks great! The new earring display is perfect. I think it show the pairs better.

  8. I love the earring display! Taking everything out of individual containers is always such a time waster for me. You solved that problem and created something really nice that showcases your items. Awesome!

  9. Your displays look great, Edi!!
    I love that new jewelry display piece! And what fun that your parents are your helpers!

    My only new display purchase this year was my 4-sided table drape. A great investment.

  10. Your displays look great! All of your products look so nice and you are right about the magnets, they look so much better at eye level.

    Nice that you got to meet Judy and I'm glad you both had great success!

    I'll bet that working in the new studio makes a huge difference too. When you love your work area, it's so much more fun to create so you create even more!

  11. As always, I am so impressed with your skills as an entrepreneur--always finding new ways to improve your business! Your display looks terrific!

  12. Great booth! Since I have to set up and take down my own booth I'm always looking for ways to keep it simple and use the boxes I take stuff in with for props. I love the earring box - clever, looks great, and what a time saver.

    You've got lots to display. The last couple shows I did I held some work back and used it to replace as stuff sold. I saw another jewelry artist do this and although I hated not having everything out there in case I missed that one customer that was looking for what I still had boxed... it made my booth look neater, easier to browse and I don't think it hurt sales... and likely helped.


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