Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Craft Show Friends and Finds

This past Saturday my mom and I headed Lincoln, Nebraska to go to a craft show. A blogging friend, LeAnn of Pasque Flower, was vending there and I thought it would be fun to surprise her. Lincoln is only 1 1/2 - 2 hours from my town, so it was a fun little day trip. And boy was LeAnn surprised to see me :)

LeAnn's booth looked great and my mom and I both had to take home some of her work!

I purchase a baby bib for a friend and a key fob for myself. And LeAnn was so sweet to gift me with a cord keeper.

The bib is so soft and perfect for a friend's baby whose room is decorated in cars and trucks.

And you know me and my pink...my key fob had to be pink :)
And I've already put my cord keeper to good use.

It was so fun to get to meet a virtual friend in real life! And this weekend I will be vending at a show in Clarinda, Iowa where I will get to meet Judy of Mister PenQuin as well!


  1. What a wonderful surprise and how cool you got to meet LeAnn in person :) Wish I didn't live so far...!

  2. Such a nice surprise to visit your friend, and to spend a day with your mom. The bib is adorable, I love the fabric!

  3. It was so nice of you and your mom to surprise LeAnn! Cool items you got! I didn't know she made cord keepers. I can use those!

  4. It's wonderful that you went up to meet LeAnn and that you purchased some of her great items.

    A great idea to meet teammates that way.

  5. How great that you got to meet! Love the goodies you brought home too.

  6. That's awesome! :) Also, love your pink sweater. <3

  7. How exciting! And I know she was thrilled to see you. She's such a sweet lady. I'm glad you purchased some of her cute items. I also bought one of her bibs for Baby Paige. She does beautiful work. Love the fob and and the cord holder. I can certainly use a few of those.

    Great picture of you two.

  8. Thanks, Edi! Meeting you and your mom was the highlight of the craft fair!! I was TOTALLY surprised!!! And I'm so glad you like your finds.

  9. oh how fun!!! so jealous you guys got to meet up, but so excited for you both!

  10. wow! how sweet is it! I love surprises! I hope one day to meet you all form my bba team! I think if you ever decided to visit Florida, I would like to meet you in person as well:) So exited to see you both so happy!

  11. I love hearing about bloggy friends who meet in real life! How fun. :-)


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