Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tribal Feather Tshirt from Etsy

About a month ago in my Friday Features post, I mentioned that I had ordered one of my finds from that day. I ordered a Tribal Feather Tshirt from AmericanJunkieSoc. I've worn it several times, but always forget to take photos! But the other day I did a little mini photo shoot so I can finally show you my new shirt!

I have to say...I love this shirt! It is so soft and comfy and I love the design. And I'm happy with the printing as well. Not only is the design crisp and clean, after a few washes already, I'm seeing no signs of fading. The print appears to be very dark and permanent, which will have me buying more tees from this shop.

As the months get colder, I like that I can still wear it even though it has short sleeves. I just threw on a long sleeved tshirt underneath and viola!

If you're looking for a new piece to add to your wardrobe, I would suggest looking at the fun selection of tank tops and tshirts at AmericanJunkieSoc. I already have my next shirt picked out :)


  1. The shirts in their shop are great! The feather T-shirt suits you perfectly, Edi! I wear longsleeves underneath Tees in the colder months too :)

  2. It looks great on you and I do like the look with the shirt underneath. Nice color on you too.

  3. The t-shirt looks great on you. I love the feather print. :)

  4. Good to know how comfy the shirt is too. I've been looking at one similar, but you've got me headed to check out this shop!

  5. Great shirt! I'm glad it's holding up well. I need some new shirts and I'll have to check this shop out!

  6. What a great shirt! And it layers well. I'll need to check out that shop -- I might be able to score some gifts for the big girls on my Christmas list.


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