Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our New Furbaby...Bridgette :)

Okay, so I had another post planned for today, but I have much better news to share with you instead...
Jesse and I got a new furbaby yesterday! Meet Bridgette...
We still haven't decided whether she will stay in the house or will eventually make it outside...that's still up for debate :) Right now she is curled up behind me asleep on my sweet and peaceful! But when she's's a little different story! And Harley definitely doesn't know what to think of her! Or should I say that Bridgette doesn't know what to think of him! They will fast become friends though :)
What do you think...isn't she super cute!


  1. OOOoooooooooooooOOOOOOO

    And congrats on the flood of sales!

    Go girl!!!

  2. she's soooo cute. in the second picture she looks kinda like my boyfriend's cat

  3. Oh Edi, she's precious! Fun times are ahead now! I just love kittens so am very happy to meet Bridgette! Don't forget to get her spayed (yeah, I know I sound like Bob Barker)!

  4. sweet!!!!!


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