Monday, July 19, 2010

Decision Time

I had to make a hard decision yesterday! Fall craft shows are just around the corner and I am currently signed up for 4! Things have been crazy around here lately and I just haven't had the time to get inventory ready. The first show is almost 2 months away, but the craziness isn't near an end yet!
I made the decision yesterday to cancel all of my fall shows! It was a super hard decision to make, but I just can't handle the added stress right now. I am currently working anywhere from 8-16 hours of overtime at my factory job. We'll be taking care of our friend's house, yard, pets, etc. while he is at rehab after his motorcycle wreck. We are starting to redo our bathroom. And somewhere in there I think I had a life!
Plus, I have some medical things going on to boot! Don't worry, nothing serious, just annoying stuff that they don't have an explanation for yet!
This will allow me to focus more on my Etsy shop too :) I enjoy all of the custom orders I get from there and want to be able to keep my shop open all fall for Christmas orders. I love to scrapbook and custom orders and so much fun. I love to be able to come home from work and be creative! After having some time to think it over, this really is the best decision for me right now :)
I hope everyone has a stress-free Tuesday :)


  1. I'm sure that was a tough decision but it sounds like the best one at this time. You have a lot on your plate right now and I hope you have time to relax a bit and enjoy summer before it's over! I hope you're able to get an explanation for the medical things too!

  2. I think Sharla said it best. If you get too bogged down then you can get in danger of not enjoying what you are doing and we don't want that to happen!
    Take care of yourself and have fun.

  3. Such a difficult decision! I'm in the opposite boat right now. NOTHING is happening in my Etsy shop, so I have to go another route--one of those routes IS craft shows. Keeps me busy, though.

  4. Edi, you made the right decision. I totally relate to so much going on and lots of working as well. I always want to do it all. But there is something to be said for sanity.

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  6. Well, first I have to say that I hope everything is ok and that you take good care of yourself.

    Sounds like a good decision to scale back - I did that a few years ago and it's kept me pretty sane. Just now I've committed to a Dec. craft fair and I'm going to work on inventory until then. I think that's enough time if I don't keep putting it off...

    Good luck! You should have lots of time to really focus on doing the things you love.

  7. Oh Edi, I totally understand! I signed up for some dates for the Farmers Market and between all the other things going on in life and trying to get ready for those dates, life is totally hectic! Good for you in making the decision that was best for you! : )


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