Sunday, July 18, 2010

I ♥ Your Photos

Along with my Custom Name Albums, I have started selling Bare Custom Chipboard Albums that you can decorate and personalize yourself. They're perfect for the scrapbooker who wants the hard part done for them and just wants the fun part of making it pretty :)
I've always wonder what my albums look like when they're done. What colors did the person use? What theme did they use? Did they use photos or did they write in some of the blanks? I recently had a customer nice enough to email me a photo of her finished album!
I was so excited to see this :) She had lots of fun decorating it and did a great job! And she even ordered two more albums!!!


  1. She did a great job decorating the album! I might have to try doing one of those sometime!

  2. What a sweet thing for her to do! And she did do a beautiful job, didn't she?

    Happy Monday!


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