Thursday, July 29, 2010

War Medals

While my parents were back earlier this month, my mom and I sat down with my grandma and went through her jewelry. I wanted to know the stories behind the important pieces and know which ones came from family. I took notes so I will always remember how special each piece is :)
While going through Grandma's jewelry, Grandpa asked if I wanted to see his jewelry. Of course I did :) What he brought out was even more special than his jewelry. He showed me his original dog tag (seen in yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post), one of many medals, and his wings that go on his hat. I told him that I would really love to have his dog tag someday! What a special piece of family history!
What special heirlooms do you have from your grandparents?


  1. I just have a music box of my grandpa's- I got it twenty-two years ago when he died. It's this beautiful wooden box... I love it even more because of what it means to me.

  2. My Dad and I are really big about keeping things like this. I had my uncle's old army uniform until he passed and then Dad asked if he could hold onto it. I have my grandma's old coin purse--it was embroidered with a golden clasp and her old pocket mirror.

    The list goes on:)

  3. It was so cool to see your Grandpa's dog tag yesterday, and to see these medals today. I sure he loves that you appreciate them.
    I have many things, but right now I'm thinking of 2 pieces of furniture. One is a marble top table that I've had for many years. It belonged to my father's mother. I have a desk (that before long will go to my daughter) that belonged to my mother's father. Oh yes, I have a little notebook that my father wrote in about my mother before they were married. She was in the hopspital and he wrote of her bravery and how much he loved her. This was discovered a year ago after my mother died.

  4. It's so wonderful that you are able to learn the stories behind your grandparents special heirlooms! I have a cedar chest from my grandma with a handwritten sticker on the inside lid saying "For Sharla". Seeing her writing is almost as important to me as the chest!


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