Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Features-Fireworks

Everyone knows that the best part of 4th of July is the fireworks!!! I love the large ones that shoot all different colors :) I'm not a big fan of lighting them off myself, but I sure do enjoy a good fireworks showing :)
Etsy has plenty to show when it comes to fireworks! Here are some fun and not so traditional finds on fireworks.
(These are all HAND cut!!!)


  1. Fun finds Edi! That handcut one is incredible!

  2. fun fireworks! And I am with you on the whole not lighting them thing...I like my fingers functional & attached ... Because knowing me, they wouldn't be so much if I was in charge of the fire portion of fireworks :P

  3. great topic! Our neighbors light enough up for me to enjoy... I like the big ones too! {:-D

  4. I love the first ring! And I agree with Sharla that the hand cut work is incredible. :) I'm not big on lighting fireworks either, but Jake and I have always found our way to a fireworks show. Have a wonderful Fourth! :)


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