Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Got Wine?

While my parents were back, my mom and I went to the winery where I will be selling my albums on consignment. We had fun walking around and seeing all of the places to sit and enjoy the views. (I can't believe I didn't think to take any pictures!) The view of the orchard is amazing!
I'm excited to see how the albums sell! I made some WINE and VINO albums special for the winery and also brought over some FAMILY and FRIENDS albums as well.
I'd love to hear what you think of the colors I chose or if there are other colors you think would go well at the winery as well. If these sell well, I will be adding other color combos and other words too!!! Fingers crossed :)


  1. I actually think the colors you chose are absolutely perfect for a winery-- can't think of any other color combinations! They're great- I hope they all sell out. :)

  2. wonderful idea! Even though I don't like red wine, that W sure stands out! They look great! I'm sure they will sell well. Great party gift!

  3. I think the black and maroon (wine color) will make the album more classy and elegant.. or black and gold.. I think if your customer is the winery owner, he or she will have the colors in mind.. and you will get more custom orders again.. :D

  4. Those albums look great Edi! I think of those colors when it has to do with wine so I really like them. Wishing you many sales!

  5. I love these! I really think they will do well. How about checking out the winery's labels for inspiration on colors?

  6. I think that the albums look great! Best of luck!

  7. Those are great.
    What I remember from visiting wineries last summer were the beautiful stone buildings & green everywhere. Yours are great, but if you want to try other colors - these remind me of my visit -terracotta, sunset colors & greens.

  8. These look great, Edi. I like visiting wineries--they seem to always be so beautiful. Best of luck!

  9. albums look great! colors, too!
    People like different colors, but shades of purple are always good for wine.
    When I think of the New York Finger Lakes region, I remember the colors of the area-- blue sky, blue lakes, green hills and vines.


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