Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Birds

After posting yesterday's Wordless Wednesday photo, I decided that I wanted to show a couple of other photos I took that day. My grandma gets the prettiest, most colorful birds! I missed the cardinal, but got these two shots:
Looking at these photos got me to thinking that this was probably the last time I will get to sit in my grandma's living room watching the birds. My grandparents are moving into an apartment soon and won't have the beautiful yard and bird feeders that attract the birds. Makes me even happier that I got these photos that day :)


  1. Hopefully it will be a good move for your grandparents!

  2. Their yard looks so peaceful and a wonderful place to sit and watch the birds! Hopefully they enjoy their new apartment too! They can always get a bird feeder for outside their apartment window - they even make feeders that cling to the window with suction cups. We have one of those and the cats love it!


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