Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Etsy On Sale

Well, the weekend didn't bring much for sales. But I still got to try out Etsy On Sale! Etsy On Sale is a third party app. that lets you put items in your shop on sale by section. You schedule what time and date you want the sale to start and end and decide on a percentage or dollar amount off and Etsy On Sale does the rest! The app. worked like a charm! It started and ended on time and added ON SALE to my selected items and added my 20% off discount just like I wanted! The only thing I didn't like was if you added items to a section that was currently on sale, it didn't update new listings to be on sale as well. And it will only put items on sale if they belong to a section. I had a few items I had to manually place on sale because they weren't in a section. Overall I love this app! It is an easy way to have a sale and edit multiple listings at once. I'll definitely be using this app. again in the near future!


  1. One thing someone said in a thread, and I decided not to use this, was that the new and old sale prices were only seen in the "Etsy on Sale" website, not on the etsy page. But the "On Sale" addition to the listing sure looks good!

  2. The app sounds like such a great idea. I tried to search it though and had such trouble I gave up. I'll have to go back and figure it out.

  3. Great post! I just used this app so any review is extremely helpful!



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