Sunday, November 7, 2010

Everything Happens for a Reason

Take the bad with the good and remember that Everything Happens for a Reason.
Yesterday's craft show definitely wasn't the greatest. I should have known from the minute we got there and our booth spaces were wrong. And then the lady I wanted to talk to about a digital cutter wasn't there. It was a sign!
There were lots of people there...just not many buyers. And I heard this from many of the crafters. There were two other shows that day and I think people were afraid to buy at one and find something better at another.
My business cards were a good thing...and a bad thing. People loved knowing they could find me online and buy later. But it also kept them from buying right then. I will just have to wait and see if these people come to my site later.
But as I said...everything happens for a reason :) I now have lots of new things I can add to my Etsy shop!!! I've been wanting to get things added, but just haven't had time. Now I'll have lots of options before Christmas!
And...I came home to an email from a buyer wanting 7 Custom Albums!!! Had I taken a bunch of orders at the show, I would be totally swamped and stressed right now. But because I didn't have any orders, this message made me even more excited :)
I challenge you today to find the good in the bad...and remember...Everything Happens for a Reason :)


  1. Awesome order to come home to! I think every "bad" show I had also involved a "good" when I looked :)

  2. I'm glad that special order was there to brighten your day! Congrats! {:-D

  3. I'm learning to NOT get disappointed when shows don't turn out as I had hoped. It all "goes in the same pot" and it is good!

  4. Sorry the show didn't go well but it certainly does seem like everything happens for a reason. Congrats on all the sales!

  5. couple things--I don't think people feel pressured to buy quite yet. Someone told me that they sell their items for a little less at craft shows. So when people say they may buy later, she tells them they can get it now for less. This usually encourages them to go ahead and purchase.
    Also, you can think of this as an education, maybe one that didn't cost you any $, just time. Perhaps you even came out in the black ink.

  6. I beleive that too Edi. It's good you can keep a positive attitude! Glad you got the custom order!

  7. The two shows I participated in this year led to the canceling of the rest of the shows I was going to participate in.
    For us...we didn't even get many 'lookers'..and it just didn't make a lot of sense to spend more than we sold.
    Hopefully things will be better next year.


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