Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Carnival-A Holiday Tip

Deb of StoryBeader asks us this week for our blog carnival to share a tip we have for the upcoming holiday selling season.
Through the years, the biggest thing I have learned...Be Organized!!! So I thought I'd share a few tips that help me stay organized.
My Custom Name Albums are my biggest sellers, especially around the holidays. To keep everything organized, I keep a day planner at my computer. I write down the name, colors and theme for every album in there on the date it is due. I also make little notes like Etsy, local, wants a special note, etc. This way I can make my albums in groups based on their due date.
I have a show this weekend and I keep my premade album sales slips separate from my custom album sales slips. When I get home, I tally everything up for tax purposes and file away the premade album slips. The custom album slips get added to the day planner and kept there until they are all finished. I also write the date the albums were shipped on the sales slip.
I like going through my day planner and crossing off each album as I get it completed and shipped. I'm a huge list maker and this helps me keep everything together and organized :)
What is your best holiday selling tip? I'd love to hear your comment :)


  1. Good tip about using a planner Edi! I try to be organized but tend to run on stress and adrenaline most of the time. I do make lists to be sure I don't forget something with all my running around. I also try to make a lot of different things to appeal to more people for gift ideas.

  2. excellent organization!
    I write a list of EVERYTHING I need to bring to a show--including and especially all set up materials--every detail.
    Even though I have taught many tie dye classes, and know what I need to bring, I still use a list. In this case, I have a master list which I copy, and then add the individual details for each class.
    For shows--it's good to have varying price points. Someone told me that to encourage people at shows to buy now they tell them, "yes, you can buy it later on etsy, but it costs more then."

  3. I have threatened to hide if I loose my calendar =p It's the key to my organization! Great advice!

  4. I another organization freak and your scheme looks great! My best (holiday/non-holiday) tip is sorta like yours: I keep a journal (finishing up #4) of all the things I make, with a picture, material costs, my haiku, descriptions, and prices. It's great when looking for information! {:-D

  5. WOW! You are super organized. Here, I am still living out of boxes in some of the rooms in our new house. Organization is key! Great tips!


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