Monday, November 22, 2010

For The Girls

Holiday shopping is in full swing! And I have several custom orders in the works :) I love all the different ideas my customers come up with and I love hearing the back story behind each album :) I get to know who it's for, what they like, how they want their album decorated, etc. I love getting to know my customers during the custom order process!
Today's albums are all about Girls! I just have two for today, but I have two more really cute ones in the works as well!

Alison is a ballerina and asked for a scrapbook for Christmas :) Her mom says she is a very "girly-girl" so pink, pink and more pink would work best!

I just LOVE this album! I love the name more than anything! Zella is a new baby girl born to a friend's cousin. Having a unique name myself, I love when people give their babies special and unique names as well :) Zella's album is a month by month album, so her mom can fill it with photos all year long :)
And don't worry, I didn't leave the boys out! Stop by tomorrow to see the awesome boy albums I have finished!


  1. those are so cute! See what you mean "for the girls"!! Alison is illuminated! {:-D

  2. I love the idea of a month to month album! Those are so cute!


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