Monday, November 15, 2010

Pretty in Rose Color

Etsy seller MyKnittingWorld was kind enough to feature my Custom Name Guest Book in her Rose Treasury!
It doesn't matter how many treasuries I am in...each message I receive letting me know I've been featured puts a huge smile on my face :) It's such a nice complement when someone likes my items well enough to choose them for one of their 16 slots. With all the choices Etsy has to offer, it really does make me happy :) And to be featured in a PINK that really made my day!!!


  1. Smiling for you! Not Terribly Surprised though--your albums really are especially cool, and what a great idea, to use one for a guest book!

  2. That's such a pretty treasury too! Congratulations! I always get a smile on my face too when I see a convo about being in a treasury. It's certainly an honor!

  3. Yep! That's great! It's a lovely treasury in which to be featured!


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