Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Happy Girls and Another Challenge

Three more Custom Albums went out the door last week! Two were for girly-girls and one was an anniversary gift.
Of course I loved making them for the girls...they were in my favorite colors!

Hannah Amelia

And this one was the challenge. The customer wanted "TH" on the end of the album, but it would have made the album 10 letters long. I thought about adding stickers to the 0 on the end. But then I remembered the apostrophe on this album and used the same technique. I also ran the letters up and down like my Mr. and Mrs. Albums. I love how it turned out!



  1. cute little th! I like the short and long albums... they're unusual... and will probably stand on their end better! {:-D

  2. I bet those are so fun to make because each is so different. I really like how you did the 'th' too!

  3. I love all three of them! And the "th" is such a clever touch. (Love the colors of that last one, too!)


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