Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesse :)

Today is my boyfriend's 36th birthday...Happy Birthday Jesse :)

You've heard me mention before how much I love my customers and their requests and the timing couldn't have been more perfect on this one! I got a request for a wood card with a monster truck on it. And if you remember from this Wordless Wednesday, Jesse just bought another huge truck recently!

This is the original card for the customer's brother.

And here is Jesse's card.
The wording is corny, but hey, I'm kinda corny :)
It was fun to get to make him a special card and I love the little cut out heart :)

 No big plans for a celebration, but I'm sure we'll get to celebrate this weekend!


  1. Corny and fun--I like it!
    I like the heart cut out too.

  2. I like both your and your customer's wording!! The little heart is a sweet touch :)
    Happy Birthday Jesse!!

  3. That's so cute! And how often do you see a card with a monster truck on it? You might have an untapped market here!

    Happy birthday to the BF!

  4. Cute card, I love the heart cutout.

  5. Corny or not, I know he will love it! Great job. And wish him a Happy Birthday for me.

  6. Cute card! Love the heart too! Happy Birthday to Jesse!

  7. Happy BDay Jesse! How cool that you got a similar order recently:)

  8. What a great card! The heart is a nice touch. Hope Jesse had a great day!

  9. Happy birthday to your man! The cards are great. Your words are adorable. I am sure he got a kick out of it!

  10. Love it! And I'm so glad that Jesse loved it, too. I hope that he enjoyed his birthday.

  11. no, not corny. very sweet. I'm sure Jesse appreciated it.

    Happy Birthday to Jesse!


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