Monday, February 8, 2010

My Baby Turns 4 Today!!!

Wow...has it really been 4 years already! Jesse gave Harley to me as a birthday present almost 4 years ago! (Yeah, he does pretty good sometimes :) I got a fridge that year too!!!)
Harley has brought so much joy to our lives :) I can't imagine not having him with us everyday! He is such a character with quite the personality! His quirky traits make him so special to us :)
I thought I'd share some photos of my baby over the last 4 years :)
Here he is on the day we brought him home...he was SOOOO cute!!!
I can't believe how much his color changed in just one year!
Here he is after his first shaving! He looks like a whole new dog!
And here he is from this past summer :) Still a cutie!
Happy Birthday Buddy :)


  1. aawww...he's so cute! Happy Birthday, Harley!
    (He DOES look totally different shaved. Do you do that every year?)

  2. Happy Birthday to your little darling! Isn't it wonderful to have furry friends in our lives?

  3. LOL! He looks so cute...yes, in a funny way...but a good one...when shaved :) And wow - what a fluff ball when you f1rst got him! Give him a big 'ol hug & doggie smooch for me!

  4. Harley is just so adorable! Hope he has a very Happy Birthday! Give him a hug and smooch from me too!

  5. harley is so cute! Bet you're glad to be home and see him! And what a cute haircut - wouldn't know what kind of animal he was if I saw him! He's all ears {:-D

  6. Harley is one birthday gift that must be impossible to follow! You're very lucky to have such an adoring Jesse!

    I would have cried seeing that face in the first photo.

    Happy 4th to all of you...


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