Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend WrapUp

What a great weekend it's been! Friday I got off work in the morning, came home and jogged and took a nice long, hot bath. I met my friend Melanie for lunch at an awesome Mexican restaurant. We talked for over 2 hours at lunch! Then we went back to her house and another friend came over and cut my hair. Then we went over Melanie's invitation information and finalized everything so I can get started on them :)
Yesterday was a great day too :) I scrapbooked all morning. Then Jesse and I rode snowmobiles to a friend's house. It was gorgeous out! The sun was shining and we were even hot while we were riding! We let our friend's granddaughter ride around for a while on my snowmobile...she had a blast :) Then last night we went out to eat and to the casino with Jesse's family to celebrate some birthdays :) No gambling...but it was fun to people watch...LOL! I must say I was a little disappointed that I didn't get ID'd to get into the casino!!! I looking THAT old! It was fun to hang out with everyone though :)
Now today I'm having a lazy day :) I pretty much plan on scrapbooking all day!!! And Jesse's even going to cook supper YAY!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! As for the ID...I do a little inner jig everytime I am asked :P Not a lot of jigging going on :(

  2. I don't see anything about talking to your Mother! :)

  3. And...I talked to my mom on Saturday :)
    How could I have forgotten to add that!

  4. What a fun-filled weekend! As for the getting ID'd at the casino, don't you only have to be over 21 to gamble, not to get in? That's probably why you didn't get ID'd - if you would have went to put money into a machine they would have been all over you asking for an ID! :D

  5. Sounds absolutely perfect. Smiling at all the goodness you packed into a lovely weekend. =oD

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  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! I have always wanted to try snowmobiling.


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