Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

I mentioned last week that Custom Wedding Albums are really popular right now. Between guest books and wedding gifts, it's that time of year to start thinking about weddings!
I love making different designs and trying new styles with my Custom Albums. This customer wanted her wedding date for the album instead of their last name. Very cool idea!
And this customer loved my Custom Name Guest Books, but needed to accommodate almost 700 guests and she wanted them to be able to leave a message if they liked. I worked with her to get all the details right and ended up with over 300 areas for people to write a message or sign their names. I bound it with ribbon as it was over 3" thick!!!
And here's another one I created for a local wedding next weekend. I love the colors :)
I'm sure in the coming months that I will be making several Wedding Albums as wedding season is just getting under way! I wonder what fun requests I'll have next :)


  1. That guest book is thick! What a great idea though and I love the idea of a date! Oh the wheels are turning in my mind...

  2. Oh that guest book is so thick!! Wonder how much for that book?? LOL coz it's great idea to have one book for all guests!!

  3. 700 guests!! i guess she does not need to worry about the shipping for that HUGE book!

    You are so creative. There is a local store owned by a mother-daughter team and they cater to the sorority crowd. Your books would be so great there, IMO>

  4. wow - that's one thick book! Hope they fill it up - what a memory!

  5. wowsers! That's one thick book!
    Love the date idea :)


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