Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The vacation to Wyoming was wonderful...but it's always nice to be home :)
The trip went great! We had great roads out and back with no troubles. And I even got a little scrapbooking done :)
The first day the weather was awesome! The sun was out, the snow was fresh and nobody broke down. It was a great day of riding! And I wasn't even the first one to get stuck :) Jesse's cousin took that honor this year.
And here's a couple of shots of the guys climbing:
The second day was probably the most fun :) We went to town and got Jesse a new sled! We'd been looking around home and weren't able to find what we wanted. When they offered us what we wanted for Jesse's old sled...the deal was done! Don't worry, I didn't go home empty handed...I made them throw in a new Hot Pink Coat!!!
We were going to try riding a half day that afternoon, but it was snowing and the wind was blowing so hard we could barely see, so we decided not to chance it.
The third day was a partial success. When we went out, it was still snowing and blowing really hard. I was having a hard time seeing and sort of had a melt down...I think they call that being a wuss! I made Jesse take me back to the hotel. Luckily he was able to ride his new sled that afternoon with the rest of our group :)
It was just so nice to get away for a while and have fun with friends :) That being said...home sure is nice too! My own shower, my own bed and my puppy :) Too bad it comes with laundry, giving the dog a bath and getting caught up with life now!
Hope you had a great week!


  1. wuss=smart!
    Welcome home, Edi! It looks like the trip was a blast! love your new coat!

  2. Welcome home Edi! Your trip looks like it was so much fun especially with a cool new hot pink coat! I bet Harley was very happy to see both of you back home though!

  3. I don't think you're a wuss at fact you're very brave and a great sport to fly around on those machines! So glad you had a great time and managed a snazzy new coat out of it as well!

  4. When I lived in the mountains of California, we used snowmobiles getting from the main road to the house, and as a workhorse for hauling wood. Only, in the mountians we had to navigate TREES!

  5. glad you had a good time, and got some goodies to boot! That was great that Jesse got what he wanted to, for the sled! We missed you, and we're glad you're back!

  6. What awesome, beautiful scenery! Thank you for sharing your vacation with me, it certainly looks like tons of fun...

  7. Good for you for letting your hair down to have a good time and snagging that sassy coat!!


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