Monday, August 8, 2011

How It All Started

I often get asked how I got started in scrapbooking and laser engraving. Well, I thought today's post would be a good opportunity to share that with you :)
It all began with 4-H. Each month my club would make a different project that we could take to fair. One month we made handmade greeting cards with stamps. I was instantly addicted to paper crafting and stamping. The same company that sold stamps began selling scrapbook supplies and the rest is history! I've been hooked ever since!
The laser came after many years of cutting my Custom Name Albums by hand with an xacto knife. I love making my albums, but it was starting to put a real strain on my body. Cutting through that thick chipboard took a lot of effort! So I looked for a machine that would cut them for me. I first looked into a mat cutter (like for picture framing). It would do what I wanted, but the machine was HUGE! I like it, but was completely sold. I asked a wood working friend if he know of any machines that cut wood that would also cut my chipboard. He gave me the Epilog Site and again...the rest is history! After I saw what that machine was capable of...I had to have it! I purchased my first laser engraver a few months later :)
I owe a lot to the 4-H club and my wonderful aunt that was our club leader :) I give back at any chance! A couple years ago I judged the historian books at the fair. And I also taught another club of girls how to make greeting cards :) My latest 4-H involvement was for a local club wanting awards for their members. I engraved 10 plaques with a space for a photo.
These awards are so cool and I hope other clubs will see them and want some! I think they're a great way for the kids to be honored. Their names and awards are forever engraved on these plaques and they can display them proudly :) Ribbons are nice, but they typically get put in a box never to be seen again. They can leave these out all year long :)
How did you get started in your craft/art/hobby?


  1. What a great story, Edi!It is interesting to read how people got started.

  2. Visited the Epilog link... so the machine is Epilog and you buy? different lasers for it depending on what you want to do? Such as the photo engraving ... this is so KEWL! You've come a long way baby x0

  3. I love hearing how people got started. :-)

    My mom and aunt taught me how to make jewelry when I was about 12, and for over 10 years I didn't really do much with the knowledge. Then I got married, and after the distraction of wedding planning went away, I hated my then-day job more than ever. I needed a creative outlet (and extra cash) so I started my shop!

  4. I agree with the others, I love to hear the inspiration behind the business. Very interesting and isn't technology amazing?!

  5. I'm glad you took 4-H because we've all benefited from your talent! I enjoyed reading your story!

  6. nice! that was a fun background. plus I visited the Epilog site to check it out; I'm wondering if it would help in my jewelry endeavors.

  7. It's always interesting hearing how people got started with their crafts. I've always loved beads, but I got inspired to start making more serious jewelry in the summer of 2008. I first heard about Etsy then and also got inspired by some beadwoven bracelets that I saw in the Amana Colonies in Iowa.

  8. that's so touching, about the plaques you made for the club. Isn't it interesting, how one thing leads to another?

    I got involved with crafts through jewelry making. But after I took a bookmaking class with mom, I knew it was what I wanted to do. And I like to write, so my new art journals are perfect {:-D

  9. What a great story about how you got started! 4H has had a great impact on so many people. I got addicted to beading because I checked a book out of the library!


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