Monday, August 15, 2011

Relevancy and Tags

Last week I talked about Etsy's changes to their search function and Relevancy being the new default search option. I got lots of good feedback from that post, so I thought I'd do another on tagging your items to become "relevant".
Etsy recently changed their policy on tagging to allow multi-word tags! This is great for sellers as it allows us to tag our items more accurately and to be more relevant!
People commented last week that they enjoyed seeing examples, so I'll give you some examples for tagging this week as well :)
for this listing, I used 4 multi-word tags that I think buyers will enter into search together.
*Photo Album
*Laser Engraved
*Baby Boy
*Baby Girl
These are all "Etsy-legal" because they are still only describing one thing.
Here is another example:
Here are the multi-word tags I used for this listing:
*Road Trip
*Photo Album
*Laser Cut
*Hunter Green
*Word Album
I would like to point out that colors can be tricky. Each color needs to have a separate tag, but colors like hunter green, navy blue or crimson red are all okay. The tag: red blue green would not be okay.
As I said last week, think like a buyer. What terms to you think your shoppers would use together in search? Can they be used together as a multi-word tag? If they are still describing a single aspect of your item while being used together...Go For It!


  1. Your creation is always lovely. Love the leather creation too! I love to search in multi-word tag and I try to use it on my item for sale too.


  2. Good point - I've been experimenting with tag phrases. I've noticed that I am being found much more often in etsy searches since they changed to relevancy, but I have lots of room to improve!

  3. I'm glad you cleared up the tag issue. I was a bit confused. I wasn't sure that "card making" was allowed since that is one that I use in my tags.

    Just when I think I have the hang of something, somebody goes and changes things!

  4. I am glad that Etsy finally printed that you are allow to use multi-word tags. The admin in the virtual labs told us that we could use them since last year but it was never officially written.

  5. Shelley, good to know it was technically okay since last year, because I didn't hear until recently that it was a new rule. Whoops! I've always done it this way.

  6. Thanks Edi - I am glad they finally realized that not everything can be described in 20 characters or less!!
    Thanks for your input. I have been going through my various items and attempting to retag - although I am sure they can use more revisions!

  7. I struggle with the color tags pretty frequently because I have a lot of multicolored items. I also like to make sure that an item with a specific color like turquoise is also tagged "blue"...but that takes up two tag spaces. It can be tricky.

    Thinking like a buyer is one of the most important things for creating tags. I frequently use Google's Keyword Tool to see what people are searching for. For example, buyers don't search for beadwoven jewelry, they search for beaded jewelry, which is why my items are tagged as such.

  8. I spent almost all day today editing my felt flowers section: titles, descriptions, and tags, of course. I made a list of what I think people would look for, and choose from it. Mostly they're multi word tags like "sew on flowers" or "handmade felt flower" but some single words, too, specialy in colors.I hope it will work.

  9. Thanks for helping to clear that up. This tagging thing is pretty confusing!

  10. Thank you for the tips!

    Visit our blog here:

  11. I didn't realize that the policy on tagging changed along with the new relevancy search feature. I'm so happy with the new default listing.

    Just in case you're thinking about writing about the new Attributes part of the listing process, check out this post in the Etsy forums. It was very helpful to me!

  12. Thank you for your examples on tagging! I was confused on the multi-word change.


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