Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Expanding My Business Again!

Back in February I purchased a laser engraver and I've been having so much fun with it ever since! By far the best investment I've made for my business. Since purchasing the laser, I've been wanting to get a rotary attachment for it as well. The rotary is an add-on for the laser that allows me to engrave round objects like wine glasses, champagne flutes, candle votives and vases!
Well...IT'S HERE!!!!
I got my rotary last week and finally got to play with it yesterday! All I can say is WOW!!!
It was so easy to set up (once I figured out how to get the crumb tray out...blonde moment)! I was lasering in no time!
I tried a pint glass first and it came out awesome! But I quickly found out how hard it is to photo glass! So I apologize for the terrible photos. I promise they're awesome in person :)
Next I did a candle votive and again...awesome! I love that I can etch all the way around things!
The blue champagne flute is by far my favorite! I have to get my hands on some more of these glasses! The peacock just belongs on this flute!
Next I tried a large wine glass and goblet...not so awesome :( These are heavier on one end and aren't as level as the other items I tried. Sometimes the wheels wouldn't turn, other times they would turn too fast. I will have to look for better glasses and do some more practicing.
This rotary is going to be so awesome! Everyone I tell about it wants custom glasses! And I think I already have about 10 orders for Christmas presents :) I better hurry up and get this thing figured out...LOL!
You can be sure this won't be my last rotary update! And hopefully next time I'll have better photos!!!


  1. Your engraving is awesome, Edi!
    The blue glass looks so elegant and unique with your engraving on it!
    And I'm loving the monograms ~ I bet these will be a top seller for you!

  2. Nice work~! Never knew such tools existed!

  3. wow, amazing! you did a terrific job for your first times out. :)

  4. Very cool, that looks like a fun project!

  5. how neat! It looks beautiful. Especially nice for lettering and made-to-order work!

  6. That is awesome! I really like the votive candle design! It seems like you are going to be extremely busy this holiday season. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  7. Gorgeous! You are going to be swamped with orders for weddings.

  8. The engravings look awesome, Edi! I'm sure that those will do well.

    This is how I photograph my earrings:
    I lay my gray felt so it's up against the back of my light box. The same technique might work with your new glasses!

  9. Those look great Edi! There's no end to your creativity!

  10. Oh my, that looks like such amazing fun, I want to try... ;) They really are beautiful and I'm certain they'll be a great hit! :)

  11. Edi, this is great! The blue glass is a fave here too. Just had a thought. Is your machine portable so that you can take it to shows and do this for buyers on the spot?

    Thinking of an order of regular drinking glasses for DD & SIL for Christmas. WOOT!

  12. Those are fabulous. I'm so excited for you. Weddings, parties and a whole new market for you.

  13. Oh! Love this! Especially that candle holder. You may be getting some more christmas orders soon! ;)


  14. Your engraving looks great! I really like the peacock on the blue glass!

  15. awesome! i'm glad you are getting to play around with your new toy and your glasses are looking great!

  16. The things you can do with a great tool. Looking at your products in your Etsy shop, I could only guess how much this engraver has been useful to you. Your products are quite superb, by the way. I wish you luck in your business endeavor. Casey Mccoy @ Business Coach San Diego


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