Saturday, August 20, 2011

Treasury Times Two

Yay! It's treasury time!!! That means I was featured this week :) Not once, but twice!!!
Thanks to Rose of RandomCreative for this Back to School Treasury
I am in love with THIS cuff from her shop!
And thanks to Demet for this Autumn Violet Treasury!
THIS pink flower brooch from her shop is just great!
Thanks so much ladies :) You made my week!!!


  1. great pics from the treasury shops! What an interesting fabric flower! {:-D

  2. Both treasuries are nice. Love that beaded cuff.

  3. Wonderful treasuries! Congrats!!!
    I love Rose's strawberry cuff too :)

  4. Love the treasuries! It's always so nice to be featured! Rose's cuff somehow reminds me of tomatoes : )

  5. You're welcome, Edi! Thanks for featuring my cuff here. The purple treasury and flower brooch are great, too.

  6. Those are both wonderful treasuries! That purple and brown Family album looks familiar! :)

  7. Both great treasuries! I love the violet color! :)


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