Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Beauty of a Weed

Jesse and I got to talking the other day about how windy it has been lately and how hard it is to get the yard sprayed for weeds and bugs with all the wind. I had to tell him that I really wasn't disappointed that the weeds weren't gone :)
Tell me...does this look like a weed to you? Or do you see beauty as I do :)
Now those darn bugs...I hope he can spray for those soon!!!


  1. It's beautiful! Food for bees, and before they flower (pre-spraying!) dandelion greens are good in salads, too.

  2. Dandelions are certainly pretty for a weed!

  3. I see the beauty! Who decides if these things are flowers or not, anyhow? =)Just stumbled upon your blog!

  4. Have "always" liked dandelions, never ate them before flower, but not opposed to it. Love watching bumble bee's enjoying them. Growing up we never killed them in the lawn... now bugs...


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