Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being Productive Makes Me Happy :)

On Tuesday I showed you what was on my todo list. I am happy to tell you that they all got done!!! I love being productive!!!
Cupcake Notebook
Small Address Book
Flip Flop Book
All of these are headed to the post office this morning :) And I even made another sale on Etsy that's headed out with them...Thanks Theresa :)
I hope the weekend can be just as productive!!!


  1. Each is different from the other but all are so cute! Love the writing on the cupcake and I can't even begin to understand how you did it!

  2. I agree with you about being productive. I like to be busy, even when I don't have orders going out!

  3. Love the cupcake one, especially the colors! :)

  4. They look great! LOVE the cupcake!

    And you're welcome :) My mom is always asking me how I make certain i am putting them in the book b4 I give it to her :)

  5. The cupcake is so cute! And I love how the address book pops. You really are amazing, Edi.


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