Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blog Carnival-Mother's Day

Thank you to MadebyMelissa for hosting this week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival :) Our two theme choices are:
1) Mother's Day is May 10 - tell us how you will be spending the holiday - with your mother? As a mother? Or share a special memory about your mother or grandmother
2) What is your favorite material to work with and why? i.e. glass beads, wool yarn, acrylic paint, organic fabric... Show pictures of completed projects using this material
I sure wish I was spending Mother's Day with my mom! Over the years my mom has become my best friend. We talk several times a week, call each other to rant and know we can count on one another. She is there for me when I have questions about my scrapbooking (the business side of it), when I need to vent about work, or when I just need advice on life. She is the one I can count on no matter what :)
With her being 10 hours away, it sure makes it hard! But we make it work :) Knowing she is just an email or phone call away makes it a little easier to be away. And knowing she'll be here in less than 2 months helps too!!! She is simply the best I could have ever asked for!!!
Love you Mom!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Great photo! I already enjoyed time with my Mom before the kids but now that they are here it has brought the relationship to a different level. And like you, I have to settle for phone calls since she is four hours away--but the kids sure do love to see their Grandma!!

  2. That's wonderful! My Mom is one of my best friends too :)

  3. Great photo! I have one like that, that I love, of my mother and myself--of course, we both are a little older that you and your mom! My mom is in her 80's now!

  4. moms are sure great! My mom is my best friend too! She just got online, so we can communicate in another way!


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