Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 1 Show Review

One successful day successful day to go :) Yesterday's show went really well! I was so excited to use my new display! (pics tomorrow) And I met some really great people as well!
I shared a booth with my crafting friend again and that makes it so nice for the slow times! We had a 10'x10' space this time, so it took us a little longer to set up since we had a square instead of a rectangle like we're used to, but it all worked out well :)
We both did really well and are anxious to see how today goes! We heard that Sundays can be better than Saturdays when people get out of church...keeping our fingers crossed! We are also excited to be doing this show again in the fall. We were told the estimated # of attendants for this show is 3,500 and the one in September will be almost 20,000!!! Super excited!!! And we learned about two other shows that sound wonderful! I had another vendor just fall in love with my albums :) She does lots of other shows and gave us information on those and thought we would do really well there too! It's all about connections!
I want to send out well wishes to others doing shows this weekend :) Sprinkling sales dust on us all!!!


  1. I'm not one bit surprised you're finding such success because your work is so incredible! I wish you another great day and am thrilled that more and more people are finding out about your talent!

  2. Oh, Edi, how wonderful for you! I agree with Sharla that your work is so great that people would love the albums.

  3. That sounds great! Your work is wonderful and people will love them.

    I'm so envious of you all in USA where there are lots of craft fairs and all....

  4. Exactly what Beaded and Nico said!

    Remember us when you are famous...

    Then you will no longer be "jealous" cause you will be able to afford to visit Florida... WOOTS! LOL

  5. Wow Edi!!
    Good for you. I haven't visited your blog for a while but things look awesome as ever. Kudos to you and continued success.
    Anne ^i^


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