Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Craft Show Dangers!!!

I told you how successful my show was this weekend, but I didn't warn you about how dangerous they can be! Dangerous to your checkbook that is!!! When you're surrounded by awesome artists and crafters...one can be in trouble! And when you have an awesome jewelry maker in your own booth...I guess I was just asking for trouble!
I had bought some beads the other day that I wanted made into a necklace. And since there were plenty of beads, I thought why not get a matching pair of earrings out of them. I was going to attempt this by myself, but knew I didn't have the time for a new and addicting hobby right now. And I knew Dawn would do an awesome job.
I gave her the beads and went to browse around the rest of the booths. When I came back, she was even working on a ring for me!!! How awesome is this ring!!! I love all the colors and the fun, one-of-a-kind look of this!!!
I'm sure I'll be showing you lots of her work in the near future. I gave her some other beads that I want used in some other pieces and can't wait to see them!!!
Dawn is also working on getting an Etsy shop up and running. With 3 kids who are involved in tons of activities, she stays super busy! But look for great things to come :)
And just be aware next time you're at a craft show...danger can be lurking in every corner :)


  1. Hee. I've never done a craft show, but I can imagine how I'd be itching to spend everything I make. And that ring is too cool!

  2. So far I'm just itching to sell at a show! LOL

    How nice of your friend to make all of that for you, and the ring is SO cute...it all reminds me of you.

  3. love the colors! I was just working with the same beads (abalone?) ... that were left from another project!

  4. I understand you Edi!! How can't we stop ourselve not look at those beautiful things that calling our names?? LOL.. the beads are so beautiful.. and great decision on not making more hobbies.. I love the ring..

  5. The last show that I did, we traded items. It worked out for everyone, and the checkbook stayed in my purse!

  6. Your new jewelry is so pretty and love that ring! I've been tempted while at shows too! I always had to check out my fellow vendors and did come home with a few more things did I took!

  7. I LOVE that ring. I remember the last craft show that I did, I kept wanting to buy everything around me. I know I have beads somewhere around here that I bought to make a fun, dangling ring like that, to - maybe I should work on that this week!

  8. Lol, boy do I hear you! My last show, this past weekend, was good--I managed to sell more than I spent, but I was Concerned there for a while!


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