Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been a little stressed lately! With moving to a new department at work, working overtime, getting caught up on custom orders, a wedding this weekend that we're not sure we have dresses for and some things that Jesse and I have going on as well...time seems to be slipping away!
And to be honest, my mind is at a total blank today for blog posts! But instead of rant...I decided to see what fun "Stress" items Etsy had. Browsing through Etsy's great items can help relieve my stress any day :)
I hope this helped relieve a little stress from your day as well :)


  1. Hope you are able to de-stress very soon! I'm sure Harley would gladly provide some relaxing cuddles!

  2. Oh, these brought a smile to my face. Hope things ease up for you soon! I've been stressed myself and trying not to let it show! What a good idea to look for cheerful stress-related things on etsy.

  3. I, too, hope things settle down for you so you can relax. And I look forward to hearing what those things are with you and Jesse:)

  4. I totally want that shirt. :)


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