Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I'm Working On Today

Along with 6 of my Name Albums, I am working on some other custom projects as well.
Today I'm working on a Flip Flop Album, an Address Book and another Cupcake Book :)
Between today and tomorrow, I'm hoping to get these three projects completed and in the mail and get started on the Name Albums so I can get those added back to my shop!
So...What are you working on today?


  1. I liked seeing your "in-progress" work. I'm just stalling today, not working on anything yet & browsing the internet! Maybe I'll catch up with my weekly free-form crochet-along and think about all the other projects I need to complete this week.

  2. When ever I see flip flops at the store I think about your albums--what a genius idea!

    I always have too many projects going on even if they are only in my head until the kids sleep:)

  3. Great album - I have a friend who loves flip flops - she even has a little flip flop diamond she wears.
    She would love this album! This would be great for summer memories and pictures.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to be so busy! I was thinking about that yesterday, that busy is better than idle!

  5. fun!
    Today I have a tooth fairy pillow, an embroidered pillow and perhaps a monster or two...provided I get my rear in gear & away from the computer :P

  6. gosh - I can only start and finish one thing at a time. I usually work on the weekend, but since I'll be gone on Saturday, I'm writing blog posts for two weeks. And getting ready to pack... for LA!! (have I mentioned that before - lol)

  7. Those flip flop albums always remind me of Hawaii! But they call them sandals there for some reason. Anyway, I'm not doing anything near as fun as you are today - just working my day job doing tax returns.


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