Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 2 Show Review

I would have to say that yesterday was just as successful as Saturday at the craft show :) The day was a little slow, but I sold 3 custom albums right off the bat! And a few more albums later in the day :)
I was so happy to have my new display!!! It worked like a charm, was easy to load/unload, easy to set up and looked great!!! Thanks Dave!!!
And this is only half of it! We were limited on space, so I wasn't even able to use the entire display. There is actually a whole other section like this and then I can put shelves in the middle to stretch it out to almost 10'!!! I'll definitely have to get pictures of it all set up in full display!
I don't have another show now until September. But I have lots of custom work to do between now and then! I even came home to two orders on Etsy as well yesterday :) After all the custom work is done, I hope to stock up on my inventory for several fall shows and work on some new ideas I've had floating around in my head for quite some time!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. WOW! Great display! Congrats on the sales :)

  2. Congrats for the success!! Can't wait to see the whole display!! :D

  3. congrats! And I am so happy to see the display got finished! And what an awesome one at that! Looks fantastic! anything else I can say to add an "!"? :P

  4. Gorgeous display, and congrats!

  5. Your display looks wonderful! Congratulations on all your sales too! I can't wait to see what ideas you have floating in your head!

  6. great looking shelving unit! I'll take one, too! So glad you did well, and have a day or two to rest!

  7. Congrats Edi! I'm glad that things went so well. :) Best of luck with your custom work and restocking endeavors. I'm looking forward to seeing everything!

  8. Fantastic about your successful show this past weekend! That's a great display, too.


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