Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding Crisis and New Dresses

I am feeling a little less stressed today :) Thank you to everyone who left uplifting comments! Luckily one of my stressors got resolved :)
Over the weekend, the lady making our bridesmaid's dresses had a stroke! They brought her home and we thought everything was going to be okay until she got put back in the hospital again on Sunday! This created a little bit of a crisis as the dresses weren't done yet!!! And the wedding is this weekend!!! We found a new seamstress, but she said the dresses were such a mess and the measurements weren't even close to being right that she would have to almost totally redo them!
We all went and tried on our dresses to see if they could be salvaged while the bride ran to the city to find possible replacements! Unfortunately there just wasn't any way to make them work in the time we had. The good news is...we got new dresses :) And they're great!
Here's a picture of what mine was supposed to look like:
And here are the dresses we got:
Perfect, right!!! I was so excited when I saw the new dresses and how they fit :) What could have been a major disaster turned out to be better than we had planned :) And I'm glad it's one less thing the bride has to worry about now!


  1. The dresses are very pretty. I like the color and the flow of fabric--have fun this weekend!

  2. Oh.. What a disaster!! But I think the new dress is more beautiful than the old one.. The bride is so lucky to get the new coral dresses for all bridesmaids.. Wow!!

  3. The new dress is very pretty and I love the color! Glad the crisis was resolved better than planned!

  4. Phew! Glad it worked out! That's gonna look cute on you!

  5. phew is right!!!
    I love the bow and the split up the front of the dress cute!

  6. you've got to get pictures of all the bridesmaids! Have a blast!


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