Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Features-Cupcakes

I had lots of wonderful comments about my cupcake book I showed yesterday :) Thank you to my readers for leaving such uplifting words :) Cupcakes are super popular right now...and why wouldn't they be...they're so cute!!!
I did a little searching around Etsy to see what other cupcake items I could find and found that my fellow EtsyBloggers teammates had some great cupcake items too!!! I'm off to find something sweet to eat :) All that cupcake searching made me hungry!!!


  1. Who doesn't love cupcakes? I know I do! Such cute finds and thanks for including our collar cover! The Monster dress is adorable, love the earrings and your notebook is cute as can be!

  2. adorable - love those little cupcake earrings!

  3. sweet finds! HA! you get it? sweet...:P LOL I am so slap happy right now...I should not be allowed to operate a computer when this tired :)

  4. isn't that amazing - I would have never thought cupcakes would be a popular item! Very cute!

  5. Cute picks! I really haven't gotten into the craze--but I know that it is popular!


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