Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Add your blog to Facebook

I just found another new application today on Facebook. I am able to add my blog and get followers through there as well. It was very easy to set up and add to my profile :)
and my screenshot:
They require you to add their widget to your blog for verification that you own the blog, but you can remove it after verification. I decided to remove mine since I already have a widget for followers. I wish they offered a smaller widget because the one they have is rather large. I know it takes more time to download blogs with many widgets, so I want to only add widgets that are useful to my blog.
Have you found any new applications lately? What is your favorite? Do you think this will be a useful tool? Let me hear it :)


  1. I have a facebook account but rarely check in...kind of like twitter for me. I really should participate...in all my free time..LOL!

    Check out today's post...I have an award for you ;D!

  2. hmmm....thanks! I just joined facebook about 3 weeks ago. I will think about adding this. But then do you get lots of people you don't know wanting to be your friend?

  3. I checked out your link and see that you are using your business name for the facebook account. So how do people find that account? Are you directing them there from your personal facebook account?
    Do keep us updated on how this works for you.

  4. Splendid...my main facebook page is my real name, but for my blog page I used my biz name. I was able to add a link to my blog on my personal page, so everyone can see my blog now :)
    I'll be sure to keep everyone posted :)

  5. So far I've resisted Facebook but if I ever give in I appreciate this information!

  6. Thank you so much for the encouragement you left on my blog! I'm on Advair (the purple disc you mentioned) as well as the steroids. *sigh* Here's hoping things get better soon!

  7. I have myself, my blogs and my biz all on facebook...but the poor things get ignored with everything I've got going on the 'net...need to change that.

    Off to add you :)

  8. You will have to let us know how facebook works for you over time. Since almost all of my followers on twitter are men (how did that happen?) it does not seem to work for me.
    I will check out facebook later i think.


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