Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wind and Hail and Snow OH MY!!!

Forget Lions and Tigers and in Iowa this week we've had Wind and Hail and Snow...Oh My! I think Iowa must have missed the update that it is officially Spring now! Maybe I need to send an email and they'll get the message :) A fellow EtsyBlogger, Ms. Moo, referred to it as Spring being Hi-jacked...I couldn't agree more!
Here are a few pics I took out my studio window this morning:
I wasn't able to get any pics of the hail we had because it continued to pour down rain after the hail ended and melted all the hail. It was quite scary! I thought the windows in my studio were going to bust in...that would have been one big mess!!! The next day after the hail, the wind was bad again and the chimney fell off the roof! I heard a big thud and then saw something rolling around in the yard! Ugh!
This sure has been on interesting week for weather! I just hope it turns around soon and I can get out and enjoy some nice weather!!!


  1. love your photos. They are so moody. You have a great view from your studio! HOWEVER, it is now Spring. I am sorry to hear about your scary storm and the damage it exacted. check this out--
    A Letter to Winter:

  2. You lost your chimney? Yikes! I hope it warms up soon for you :)

  3. Great photos - they made me shiver from the cold! I hope your spring weather returns soon!

  4. Wow...the landscape looks so beautiful and exotic to me here in Australia where it's supposed to be autumn but the summer feels as if it'll never end..hope your keeping toasty warm...

  5. love the wooden barn. We had hail and snow in Okla earlier this weekend, but now the sun's out! Hurray!

  6. That's pretty much what it looks like here too...I think Mother Nature lost her calendar!

  7. burr!!!I dont think I could handle that weather.

  8. Awesome pictures, almost black and white/Wizard of Oz looking! In Upstate NY where I'm from, spring is just a date the season doesn't actually come until months later LOL.

    Actually, I like to refer to our four seasons as Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction ;)


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