Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks for the Inspiration!!!

I have to thank Bri at TheCraftBegins for the inspiration behind this new layout :) I entered one of her blog contests and unfortunately did not win. You want to know the cool part though...she sent me a consolation prize just for entering!!! How thoughtful was that!
She actually sent me a felted pin...but you know me...I made it into a scrapbook embellishment :) The colors of the flower were the inspiration for the color combo on this layout. I hardly ever use these colors, but they were so great for a page about our spring walk that it was just too perfect!
I used scalloped cardstock for the base of the page to add a little fun detail. The next layer is patterned paper and then another layer of cardstock. I traced a punched circle and cut it out by hand to make the orange scallop borders on the top and bottom of the green cardstock. I used lots of cute buttons and flowers to go along with the flower that Bri sent and made sure to put everything in visual triangles. The felted flower, the flower at the top right corner, and the flowers at the bottom left corner all create a visual triangle. Also, the buttons do the same thing. The buttons at the top right, bottom left, and then the one in the middle of my O for the title. This is something I always try and do on my pages to draw the viewers eye into the page :)
I was so glad I created this page :) I may have photos from 5 years ago that need scrapbooked still, but these more recent photos were more inspiring and I wanted to get them put together. Did you know that's okay? To scrapbook out of order? Of course it is! There are no rules to scrapbooking remember...just have fun :)


  1. Awww, I love it! What a creative use for something that I made, I would have never expected it! And I love that layout - it is super bright and springy. Now you went ahead and made my day!

  2. pretty page...joyful colors. I like the use of the yellow felt flower. creative!

  3. So creative and what a great way to remember that walk with Harley!

  4. cute pin - cute page. And the blog looks good! Go girl!

  5. Great creative talent and so bright with that yellow flower!

  6. How adorable! Love the cheery flower!

  7. I like how you turned the felt pin into something completely different! Great idea and colors.


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