Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Good Day for Baking :)

I've been wanting to do a little baking for a couple of weeks now. I'm no pro...that's for sure! I'm pretty much a stick to the directions, do exactly as they say kind of girl. In fact these chocolate chip cookies are about as extravagant as I get...but they taste great :) I enjoy baking more than I do cooking for some reason. Maybe it's because I eat about half the batter before I actually get the cookies made :) I have a huge sweet tooth and just can't help but snack while I'm waiting to put the next batch in the over. Hey...I want to make sure they taste okay :) What have you been baking lately? Do you enjoy baking or cooking more? Drop me a note and let me know :)


  1. Those chocolate chip cookies look scrumptious! I love cookie dough, too, better than cookies. When I was a kid, my mother made a kind of cookie that she left out overnight on trays lined with wax paper. I used to sneak one or two or... and then rearrange the tray to look like none were missing. Did she know? She never said.

    I, too posted a recipe on my blog today for cranberry, orange, and pecan scones.

  2. Oh those cookies look yummy! I enjoy baking but don't get to as much as I'd like - which is probably a good thing actually! Love the cookie dough too!

  3. OHHHH mail me some! Do you need my address...hee hee


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