Sunday, March 8, 2009

Framed Scrapbooks

I was so excited when a fellow EtsyBlogger, BeadedTail, asked me to make her some scrapbook pages she could frame! This is something I have been thinking of doing for quite some time, but just haven't figured out exactly how I want to sell them.
For these pages, she just emailed me her photos and I created the pages from there. She chose to buy her own frames so shipping would be less expensive. I made them 8"x10" so they would fit a standard frame.
I have also thought about selling 12"x12" pages and providing the frames...since this isn't a common frame size except in the scrapbooking world :) But this will add to the price as well as the shipping cost.
So I am still at a loss of how to go about selling my framed pages. Do I premake the pages in common themes like Family, Baby, and Wedding? Or do I sell them as custom orders? My custom albums always sell way better than my premade ones and I am wondering if the framed pages will be the same way? Do I stick to common sizes for frames so people can buy their own frames if they choose?
I hope to put some framed pages in my shop sometime in the near future. It might not be something I do right away, as I am working on a couple of really big custom projects right now for graduations. I would love to hear your feedback on this topic and how you think I should go about selling my framed pages. Thanks a bunch!


  1. Edi, those pages of my boss and her mom look great in the frames! They are going to be so surprised and thrilled with them!

  2. Those frames are a nice idea. I guess it's just a matter of trying out what people like. I personally would like to get my own frames but if you have really nice ones, why not buy it from you? I guess it really depends on the person. But I would stick to common sizes. Hope my blabbering helped! :D Good Luck!

  3. great idea! love it! go for it!

    I'd try the easier way first by making some "sample" pages, seeing if people buy them or if they would look at them and then order custom. (perhaps both)
    You would have to determine if people prefer to frame their pages to hang on a wall or if they would rather put them into a scrapbook.
    Trying to carry a variety of frames to meet everyone's personal taste could be a bit daunting (and expensive) for just starting out with an idea. If your customers like your basic product, they will lead the way for you to go with it.

    all the best!

  4. I'd set them up as customs--use samples of your work as the listing photos, but set them up as customs. You might try listing one or two pre-made, but I think with something like a scrapbooked page most people would rather have custom rather than a premade thing (and they won't mind the time difference)

  5. Looks fantastic! My suggestion would be to put a few premade one's in the shop to give people ideas, and then also advertise for doing special orders :)

  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone :)
    I'll definitely be keeping your suggestions in mind when I do put these in my shop :)

  7. awesome work.. Look like you may already have a full time job... Mrs. Entrepreneur

  8. Howdy, so Edi is it? Now I know...hope I can remember...LOL

    I agree w/Mommy Bee and UC and would like to add that the larger size w/frame can be a custom too!


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