Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Features-Snowmobiles

If you read my blog regularly, you saw on my Wordless Wednesday post this week that we had a short snowmobile ride the other day! Jesse and I were having a great ride...until his broke down! I just think he's too hard on it...LOL!
Oh well...we've got a trip planned for February to go riding in Wyoming with some friends :) And Jesse is looking at getting a newer sled. I have to admit that it probably is about time!
So in honor of our fun in the snow...I bring you great Etsy finds having to do with snowmobiles :)
I'm off to dream about my vacation!!!


  1. What great finds! Can you believe I've never been snowmobiling? Shameful huh? Anyway, can't wait to see photos of your WY trip!

  2. amazing finds! Sounds like a fun vacation! {:-D


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