Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Red Door

Okay...so I didn't just get this painted! I'm just now getting around to getting pictures and posting it though! When we redid the house, I realized just how bad the front door looked. We took down the awning and the door was still a pinkish/salmon color that it was when we moved in. Since I knew we wouldn't be getting new doors til spring or summer, I wanted to paint the inside door to make it look a little better.
And while my parents were here, I got them to help me hang the new curtains we'd bought for the living room. We need new trim around these windows and I knew this was another thing that wouldn't be getting done any time soon, so the curtains helped to cover it up! I think they really add to the room as well :) I will NEVER buy mini blinds again! I hate those things! The curtains look so much better :)
They may only be small steps, but they make our house a home every step of the way :)


  1. I love a pop of red in a room!
    I am hoping to stain the front door this week--so many tiny projects.

  2. I love your red door! I don't know if I had said it or not when you first posted about how your door looked after the remodel but I was hoping you'd paint it red! The red curtains are perfect too! Love it!

  3. The red door looks fabulous on your house! They say a red door is welcoming. I like the snowy picture of your house.

  4. Both of those look great - and I love what you've done with your blog! You've updated it since I last saw it :)

  5. Well, get your list ready for while we're back for the 4th. He is kind of nice to have around! haha Mom


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