Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding Season Underway!!!

I do believe that wedding season is officially underway...or wedding planning season anyway :) Next Saturday I have a Wedding Event I am attending to show off my cool invitations and new guest book designs.
I am currently finishing up two Flip Flop Guest Books to be shipped out this week. I am also working on a couple of new guest book designs. One should be done this week...and the other might take a little longer.
I am also making invitations for two up-coming weddings. One is for my cousin and one is for my best friend :) I find it a great honor when those close to me want my work to be a part of their big day :)
I should have photos ready for you this week! And if you're in the SW Iowa area next Saturday...stop and see my designs in person :)


  1. Awesome event for you Edi, and so many orders that you always seem to be working on... congrats!

  2. Cool! I hope you have a most wonderful time!

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun and I'm sure people are going to love your wedding items! I know I wish I had had them for my wedding way back when!

  4. It's wonderful to be working on orders and having a show coming up!


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