Saturday, January 23, 2010

Organizer Idea!!!

I won this super cute Coupon Organizer from Crunchy Cute on Etsy a while back and hadn't quite figured out what I wanted to use it for yet. I clip coupons, but not enough that they need organized. But I knew I could come up with a great idea in time. After all...just having that fun fabric around is motivating!
Yesterday the idea finally came to me! I'm going to use it to organize my Delivery Confirmation slips! I know some people just throw these away when they are done with them, but I like to keep them for security and to check on later. Sometimes I like to see how long it took an item to get to a customer the last time so I know how long I need to plan the next time.
I just love that it has enough pockets for the whole year! Then at the end of the year, I can rubber band them together and use it again for next year! I'm one step closer to getting my life organized :) Thanks Crunchy Cute!!!


  1. Great organizer idea!! I do keep the delivery bills from the post office together with order bills.. which lay on my desk now.. want to do organizing them but still don't have any perfect organizer.. this will be an alternative for me.. Congrats for your new organizer and thank you for sharing your great idea!!

  2. That is too cute! I would enjoy just looking at it, but I'm glad you found a use for it. Congrats on winning it!

  3. it IS cute! and what an organizer you are! I staple my DC and other postage slips into my work journals, along with my pics of the work, and my math calculations, but haven't kept track of delivery time. Thank goodness, no complaints!

  4. Congrats on winning such a cute organizer! I love the fabric! That's a great idea to use it for your delivery confirmations. I print my postage out via PayPal so I file away the postage receipt/confirmation but I check the delivery via the link in my email from PayPal.

  5. What a really great idea! I also keep my confirmation slips.

    And I love that fabric--I have a yard or two of it!

  6. I too like the fabric, as well as your usage idea. I too keep my DC slips, stapled together with a print out of the order in my filing cabinet.

  7. great idea! I keep all my stuff like that too :)


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