Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Event Review + 2 Features!!!

Yesterday was my Wedding Event and it went pretty well. We had a steady flow of people for most of the day. We didn't do much advertising, so we knew not to expect huge swarms of people. I was very realistic in what I wanted from the day. I handed out several business cards and have a couple very interested in one of my Flip Flop Guest Books!
The best part of the day was meeting a local photographer who had a booth at the show as well. She fell in love with my Custom Name Albums and wanted to display some in her studio! She purchased some Premade Word Albums to sell as well! She really made my day :)
I was also featured on two websites yesterday!!! Amanda of Dawn Correspondence sent me a really fun interview to fill can see it here.
I was also featured on the Iowa Etsy Street Team blog. This blog is still new and our team is starting to become more active. I'd love for you to stop and check them out :)
P.S.-Don't forget to enter my OWOH Giveaway!!!


  1. Great exposure, and a new contact, that's cool!

  2. I'm so happy for you! Excellent connection that will definately to more... maybe you'll become one of those Etsy "Quit You Day Job" people soon?


  3. How wonderful that more people are finding out about your awesome work! The photo studio is a perfect place for them! And I agree with Lily, it's only a matter of time before you're one of those Quit Your Day Job people!

  4. Ohhh, now I understand! Thought you went to someone's wedding! Sounds like a great match, a photographer and a scrapbooker! {:-D


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