Sunday, November 22, 2009

First ER Visit

Well, last night I got to add ER visit to my list of firsts!!! I was changing the blade on my exacto knife and tried to chop the end of my finger off! Not a good idea btw! Luckily it wasn't too bad. They wanted to do stitches, but I convinced them to glue it :) The thought of a shot into my open wound just wasn't sitting well with me. I've never had stitches and didn't want to add that to my list of firsts as well! Luckily it was my left hand so I can still get some things done!
It's in a really bad spot though! I cut it right at the first bend on my left index finger. I sure hope the glue holds! They put a splint on it to help keep it from moving. I guess time will tell!
Here's a shot of my new accessory! I can't take a pic of the cut because I can't take the splint off for a few days...but I don't figure you want to see that anyway!


  1. Make sure Jesse takes care of you!

  2. Uhm, no, I don't want to see the cut so I'm glad you can't show it. Hope that contraption doesn't slow you down too much and that your finger heals quickly!

  3. glad I can't see the cut! hoping you can continue ALL your work - too bad in wasn't at your day job... or should I say night job... Well, anyway, take care. *sprinkle, sprinkle* that's fairy dust, like in the movies! It seem to fix daffy duck all the time!

  4. Oh my!!!! I hope you recover quickly!!! Last year, in December, I cut my left palm and as it was getting glued up, all I kept asking was "When can I knit again?" I always get very scared when I hurt my hands.

    Rest & heal up.

  5. Wow! a new accessory! Seriously, I was cringing while reading this. I bet the glue holds very well and that you are soon healed.

  6. My brother has done that before :P Hope it heals up fast! I know your really busy right now :)

  7. Yeah, don't show us the cut, just hearing "shot into cut" grossed me out totally! *Shivers*

    More kisses for your boo boo sweetie...

  8. oowwwww!!!!
    Guess that's a hazard when working with such sharp toys...hope it heals fast. Maybe a fellow crafter could decorate your new accessory with some pretty beads LOL!

  9. Oh geesh! That "accessory" would drive me crazy. Heal fast!


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